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Sensitive Zones

A Sensitive Zone is a designated area of land defined by legal property boundaries where the property owner/leasee has requested that balloons do not land.

To enable the Club to correctly identify and inform balloonists of such area, the property owner needs to complete the attached Registration Form and post or email it to the Club. We will then include this in our Sensitive Zone register and notify balloonists via our facebook page and Club Newsletter.

Balloon Sensitive Zone Registration Form

Under CAA Rules a hot air balloon can land and be retrieved without obstruction. When needing to land on a Sensitive Zone, there needs to be a justifiable reason – eg. emergency landing due to equipment failure, patient collapse or as instructed by Air Traffic Control.

Pilots will endeavour to respect the request and overfly the property (minimum 500ft) or fly ‘around’ the property IF the winds allow for such actions to be taken. Pilots will also use what is called the Whisper burner if flying over stock so as to reduce the impact of any disturbance on the stock. Balloons do though often land in paddocks adjacent to stock with no problems.

There are prohibited zones which is an area of land that has been gazetted with CAA where aircraft cannot land or overfly. Such zones are co-generation plants, rocket launch site and Ministry of Defence land.

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